The All India Peace & Solidarity Organization (AIPSO) is an anti-imperialist, democratic and multi-tendency people’s forum committed to the causes of peace and international cooperation across the globe. The AIPSO West Bengal State Committee is one of the strongest state units of the organization. Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, hosted the first All India Peace Conference in November 1949.

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23-31 March 2014

The All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation will hold meetings, seminars, workshops and rallies in all states during the period between 23 March and 31 March 2014 as part of its ‘Campaign Against Communalism’ programme. The AIPSO Secretariat will try to organise a Peace March from Amritsar to Delhi to highlight urgent issue.

The decision was taken at the meeting of the AIPSO All India office bearers in Delhi on 5 January 2014. The meeting was presided over by Shri D.P. Tripathi, MP and Vice President of the AIPSO.

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60th anniversary of Panchsheel

The 60th anniversary of the signing of the Landmark Panchsheel agreement will be celebrated in India and China. On 28 June 1954, during Zhou En lai’s visit to India, a joint statement was issued in which two countries re-affirmed the Panchsheel as the guiding principle in their bilateral relations.
In today’s context it will be appropriate for AIPSO to commemorate this historic event with all seriousness. It will be organized in Kerala.

India-Latin American Peoples Conference
The developments in Latin America drew the attention of the progressive people world over. It is important to have better relations with the progressive regimes in Latin America with the People and Government of India. The recent elections held in Chile once again proved that the Left ward shift in Latin America is continuing. We think for the strengthening of anti-imperialist alliance among different continent particularly with Asia is strategically important. To have better understanding of Latin American developments AIPSO will organize an important event in the month of September 2014 with the participation of Latin American organizations. It will be held in Kolkata.

Bhagat Singh statue in Havana, Cuba
There is a proposal to install a statue of Bhagat Singh in Cuba. The Cuban government and their friendship organization have agreed with this idea. The AIPSO will take necessary steps so that a statue of Bhagat Singh can be installed on 28th September 2014 in Havana, Cuba.

International Conference on Palestine
The AIPSO has planned to organize an International Conference on Palestine involving all like-minded international organizations. The month of November (29th to 1st December 2014) is the best time for organizing this conference. This conference will be held in Hyderabad.

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Afro-Asian Solidarity

Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)
US Peace Council
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