AIPSO All India Committee is registered as a society.


National Conference is the highest body of the organization which meets at least once in four years. Delegates elected at the State Council conferences take part in the National Conference. All the office-bearers of the All India council participate in the National Conference as ex-officio delegates.

National Conference (a) reviews activities and organizational position and decides up on the future tasks; (b) approves the audited statement of accounts; and (c) elects the All India Council.

The same form is also applicable at the state, district and local level.

All India Council

The All India Council decides upon all policy matters in the period between the National Conferences and conducts all activities in furtherance of its aims and objects. The Council coordinates and guides the activity of State Councils, District Councils and branches.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee consists of Presidium, Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Secretaries and the Treasure. The All India Council elects the Executive Committee in its first meeting.


General Secretaries, Secretaries and Treasurer constitute the Secretariat of the All India Council. The secretariat carries out all functions of the Council


AIPSO depends on membership fees, affiliation fees, donations etc for fund raising. The Executive Committee administers the central funds.

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